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Experts of the SERCONS certification body offer you services on development of technical documents within the shortest possible time. Skilled professionals are ready to prepare all the required documents for you within 5 days.

According to requirements to the process of certification and the procedure for industrial safety expert review, a complete package of technical documents has to be available (and submitted). Technical documents constitute a set of documents used at creation, manufacture, design, consulting and operation of industrial objects.


The group of such objects includes buildings, structures, production equipment, software, etc. Should the applying company be unable to submit the requested documents (as is often the case with foreign suppliers), or should the document fail to meet the requirements established by regulations, the required documents can be designed by experts of the certification body.

Today, the SERCONS certification body offers services on the following kinds of elaboration of documents (if necessary, we will have all the documents approved with relevant federal agencies).

  • Development of technical specifications (TU) – this is an indispensable constituent of design or other technical documents for products.
  • Development of operation manuals (RE) – these are documents that contain clear data on the design as well as principles of operation and characteristics of a device including its individual components.
  • Passport (logbook) of technical device – these are documents that must contain the data to certify the manufacturer’s warranty for the product in question.
  • Acceptance tests – these are documents that contain information on the object to be tested, on the goals set, as well as methods and procedure of use, according to which the relevant work will be performed.

Technical regulations may also be referred to technical documents for some products. Technical regulations is a special regulatory document, which establishes requirements for specific products regarding safety for human health and safety, environment protection, preservation of property, etc.

If the organization approving certification of particular kinds of products is unable to provide technical documents (which is mostly the case, when the goods were imported into the country), or the available documents do not meet the requirements of legislation and regulatory acts in effect, the SERCONS certification body experts will be able to develop all the documents you need.

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