CCC Certification

The 3C Certificate or “CCC” (China Compulsory Certification) is China’s compulsory product certification system. It is a mandatory product conformity assessment system implemented by the Chinese government to protect consumers’ personal safety and national security, strengthen product quality management, and demonstrate compliance with regulations.

CCC Certification

If a product is listed in the CCC program certification catalogue, it must obtain a CCC certificate to be imported or sold in China.  Products included in the CCC catalogue include electrical appliances, wire and cable, motors, switches, electric tools, audio and video equipment, information technology equipment, telecommunication terminals, lighting, motor vehicles and automotive parts, medical devices and security equipment.  There are defined certification procedures for each product category in the catalogue.

CCC certification requires testing and various follow-up activities to verify ongoing compmliance.  If Products listed in the CCC program certification catalogue are not certified by the designated certification body, or the CCC certification mark is not applied according to the regulations, the product is not allowed to be imported, sold or used in business service places

Certification Scope

1 CNCA-C01-01 2014 Electric Wire and Cable
2 CNCA-C02-01 2014 Circuit Switch and Electrical Equipment for Protection or Connection (Electrical Accessories)
3 CNCA-C03-01 2014 Low-Voltage Switchgear assembly
4 CNCA-C03-02 2014 Low Voltage Component
5 CNCA-C04-01 2014 Low Power Motor
6 CNCA-C05-01 2014 Electrical Tools
7 CNCA-C06-01 2014 Electric welder
8 CNCA-C07-01 2017 Household and Similar Equipment
9 CNCA-C08-01 2014 Audio-Video Equipment
10 CNCA-C09-01 2014 Information Technology Equipment
11 CNCA-C10-01 2014 Lighting Appliances
12 CNCA-C11-01 2014 Automobile
13 CNCA-C11-01/A1 2014 Automobile (Fire Truck)
14 CNCA-C11-02 2014 Motorcycle
15 CNCA-C11-03 2014 Motorcycle Engine
16 CNCA-C11-04 2014 Lap-Belt
17 CNCA-C11-05 2014 Motor Horn
18 CNCA-C11-06 2014 Motor Vehicle Brake Hose
19 CNCA-C11-07 2014 Motor Vehicle Exterior Lighting and Light Signal Device
20 CNCA-C11-08 2014 Motor Vehicle Indirect Vision Device
21 CNCA-C11-09 2014 Automotive Interior Parts
22 CNCA-C11-10 2014 Car Door Lock and Door Retainer
23 CNCA-C11-11 2014 Car Fuel Tank
24 CNCA-C11-12 2014 Car Seat and Seat Headrest
25 CNCA-C11-13 2014 Automobile Body Reflection Marking
26 CNCA-C11-14 2014 Automobile Data Recorder
27 CNCA-C12-01 2014 Motor Vehicle Tire
28 CNCA-C13-01 2014 Safety Glass
29 CNCA-C14-01 2014 Agricultural Machinery Products
30 CNCA-C16-01 2014 Telecommunications Terminal Equipment
31 CNCA-C18-01 2014 Fire Alarm Equipment
32 CNCA-C18-02 2014 Fire Protection Products
33 CNCA-C18-03 2014 Fire Extinguishing Equipment
34 CNCA-C18-04 2014 Fire Protection Products
35 CNCA-C19-01 2014 Anti-theft Alarm Products
36 CNCA-C19-02 2014 Security Physical Protection Products
37 CNCA-C20-01 2007 Wireless LAN products
38 CNCA-C21-01 2014 Decoration Products
39 CNCA-C22-01 2014 Baby Carriages
40 CNCA-C22-02 2014 Toys
41 CNCA-C22-03 2014 Motor vehicle Restraint System for Children
42 CNCA-C11-15 2017 Mandatory Product Certification Rules, Motorcycle Helmet
43 CNCA-CXX-XXX 2018  Mandatory Product Certification Rules, Toys and Baby Carriages (Draft)
44 CNCA-C11-16 2018 Mandatory Product Certification Rules, Electric Bicycle

Certification Mode

The mandatory product certification scheme may include one or more of the following activities:
1) Design Identification
2) Type test
3) Sampling for test at the manufacturing site
4) Market sampling test
5) Enterprise quality assurance system inspection
6) Follow up inspection after obtaining certification

Certification Process

The mandatory product certification process consists of all or part of the following elements:
1) Application for certification
2) Type test
3) Factory inspection
4) Sampling test
5) Evaluation and approval of certification results
6) Follow up inspection after obtaining certification

Certificate and Certification Mark

The certificate is a document demonstrating that the products in the Catalogue meet the requirements of the certification implementation rules and permits the applicant to use the certification mark on the product. In order to facilitate supervision, the format of the certification certificate shall be uniformly prescribed by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA). Its specific contents include:
1) Applicant name
2) Manufacturer name
3) Product name, model number or series name
4) Producer, production or processing site of the product
5) Authentication mode
6) Standards and technical rules for certification
7) Date of issue and validity
8) Issuing agency

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