2016/464/EU – On appliances burning gaseous fuels

2016/464/EU – On appliances burning gaseous fuels

The scope of this EU Regulation is limited to gaseous fuel equipment used for cooking, heating, hot water production, cooling, lighting and washing. The regulation also applies to regulatory, control and safety devices and assemblies – the so-called fittings. The devices specifically designed for use in industrial processes carried out at industrial facilities; for use in aviation and railways, as well as for research purposes for temporary use in laboratories are excluded.

Equipment that falls under the scope of Regulation 2016/426 / EU must comply with the basic requirements reflected in Attachment I of these Regulations and harmonized EU standards. An interesting fact is that Attachment I it isn’t  indicated how these requirements should be followed, thereby leaving manufacturers flexibility in relation to the technical decisions that must be made.

As for conformity assessment, in this case, an assessment of a third part, called notified body, is always required. Our TSU Institute Piestany s.p. It is one of 36 notified bodies in the European Union and the only one accredited in Slovakia.

The compliance assessment of gaseous fuel equipment depends on whether the manufacturer claims serial production or a batch.

The conformity of mass-produced equipment and fittings to the requirements of this Regulation is assessed using the EU type-examination, as set out in paragraph 1 of Attachment III, in combination with one of the following modules, at the choice of the manufacturer:

  1. type conformity based on internal production control, plus third-party acceptance tests at random intervals (module C2);
  2. conformity to a type based on ensuring the quality of the production process (module D);
  3. conformity to a type based on product quality assurance (module E);
  4. conformity to a type based on equipment verification (module F).

In the case if devices or fittings are manufactured as a single product or in small quantities, the manufacturer can choose one of the procedures specified above in this article or conformity based on a check of a single product (module G), that set out in paragraph 6 of Att. III. Detailed information about the Modules is given here (article PED pressure equipment)


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